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Your personal valet awaits, offering seamless pickup, service and delivery.

Convenience, delivered.

Your safety is our highest priority. We will pick up your Volvo for service, deliver it when ready and provide you a loaner if needed*. Use the contact us button below or call us directly to learn more about our pickup and delivery options.

*Loaner vehicles are subject to availability.

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Schedule your service visit by phone or through our website.

Upon the pickup of your Volvo, receive a loaner vehicle* if desired.

Track and manage your delivery experience through the Volvo Valet App.

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Service from the comfort of your home

Schedule a service appointment by phone or through our website and have your vehicle picked up from your house, office, or another location of your choosing with the option to have a loaner* delivered so you never miss a beat.

While in the Volvo Valet App, receive notifications that give you live status updates throughout the entire process.

Learn About Volvo Valet Services in Chico

Not so long ago, the only way for Volvo car owners in Oroville to get service for their vehicles was to take it to participating location physically. Now with Volvo Valet Service, you can take the stress out of servicing your vehicle. From making appointments to getting updates and delivery services, we do it all for you.

The Volvo Valet Service is easily accessible through a full-featured and user-friendly app. At the same time, we can also provide you with the same level of service here at your local Volvo dealership near Red Bluff. If you are a Volvo car owner who enjoys a trouble-free service and vehicle shopping experience, you'll certainly appreciate the Volvo Valet Service.

Logging In is Easy with the Volvo Valley App

Volvo Valet Service is a full-featured plan that allows Volvo owners like you to accomplish tasks such as scheduling service visits, shopping for vehicles, and even looking up accessories.

One easy way to access these services is through the Volvo Valet App. Available on platforms such as The Apple Store and Google Play, this app allows you to do a variety of things from the comfort of your home in Durham.

Beginning the process is as easy as downloading the app, and once you have it on your device, you'll have an array of convenient options available to you. An example of the power of this app is the Service feature. With this feature, you can locate participating Volvo dealerships and schedule service visits. That's not all, because this valet service allows for vehicle pickup and delivery. Simply schedule a suitable time, and a certified employee will do the driving for you.

To ensure that care is taken during this process,these valets take detailed photographs of your Volvo vehicle to ensure that no damage is sustained. At the same time, you receive virtual pictures of our valets before the process begins for security purposes. As your vehicle goes through the service process, the Volvo Valet App will keep close track of the sequence. When any repairs or maintenance tasks are done, the app gives you a prompt notification. At that time, Volvo valets can deliver your vehicle to your choosing location, including your home, place of work, or anywhere else near Redding.

Enjoy Seamless Loaner Service

During the pickup and repair process, the Volvo Valet Service allows you to have a loaner vehicle delivered to your home or a location of your convenience.

Setting a maintenance visit is just the beginning with the Volvo Valet Service App. With its easy-to-use menu, you can also accomplish many other things. Included in this list of easy-to-accomplish tasks are locating new and pre-used cars for sale, browsing genuine Volvo replacement parts, and using the functions of the useful finance center.

There's more to come in the future because this service will grow to support remote leasing, test drives, purchases and more.

Access Extra Benefits with the Volvo Valet Service

In addition to the time-saving car pick up and delivery service, the Volvo Valet Service offers many other benefits. The Service by Volvo program is one such perk, and this specialized benefit gives participants access to free towing, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, certified and skilled technicians, and much more.

Let the team here at Courtesy Volvo of Chico help you get your vehicle ready for the road trips that await. When you are a Volvo customer, you are family, and we treat you as such. We want you to feel supported even when life feels uncertain.