It Is Simple To Finalize Your Volvo Lease at Courtesy Volvo of Chico

There will come a day when you suddenly realize that the lease you currently have on your Volvo is about to end. It is at that point that you will want to be prepared for the process of turning it back in and fulfilling your end of the contract. 

You should find comfort in knowing that you can return your leased Volvo to Courtesy Volvo of Chico. That is true even if you originally took out the lease at another dealership no matter which state that might have been in. 

Since we are permitted to accept your Volvo at the end of your lease, the process should be quite simple and convenient. That being said, there are a few items you will want to take care of in the month leading up your turn-in date.

An Inspection is Helpful

When you signed the lease on your Volvo, you agreed to take care of it as if it were your own. This means that you are responsible for having it serviced and taking care of major repairs that are needed.


Make an Inquiry

Thankfully, the Volvo has been under warranty this entire time, so those should be kept to a minimum. However, you will still want a Volvo representative in Chico to take a look at the vehicle to determine if anything needs to be corrected before handing it back in. Remember that minor wear and tear is to be expected, so you will not be held responsible for those items. You will just need to correct any deficiencies that are noted during the inspection.

Make Sure You Take Care of Needed Repairs

Armed with the inspection report that you have, it is time to take care of any repairs that are your responsibility. Oroville and Red Bluff customers have options for this. If you are handy with cars, it might be possible to take care of some of the items on your own. Otherwise, you will need to have a certified mechanic take care of everything and sign off on the repairs. You are also welcome to have Courtesy Volvo of Chico take care of them upon turn-in and pay for it with your final bill at that time.

Have You Considered Buying Your Leased Volvo?

There are many reasons why you might just want to buy the Volvo that you are currently leasing. 

You may discover that you have driven more than your allotted number of miles and do not want to pay the penalty, or you might just not want to part with a vehicle that you have grown to love. Whatever your particular situation might be, Courtesy Volvo of Chico in Chico can help get the registration and title signed over to you. 
You will just need to pay the residual value of the Volvo. That is easy to determine as it is included in the contract you signed when you initially took possession of the vehicle.

Schedule a Turn-In Appointment

When the time comes for the lease to end, you will want to make an appointment. This will allow you just to turn the vehicle in without any added hassle. A quick inspection will then be performed once again and a final bill prepared if necessary. That is all that there is to the process.

Visit Courtesy Volvo of Chico Today!

As long as you do a few things to get prepared, returning your leased Volvo to Courtesy Volvo of Chico in Chico should be one of the easiest things that you do this year. Contact us with any questions that you might still have. We can also go over available options for you should you want to enter into another new lease upon turning your existing one in. Whether you're in Redding or Durham, make your way to our dealership today.