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The Benefits of Buying New Vs. Used

New Cars Vs. Used Cars

Car buyers have all wondered if it's better to buy a new or used vehicle. This is a reasonable question that has many answers. Lots of people would argue that used cars are obviously the cheaper option that simply saves you money. Other shoppers might argue that new cars aren't always as expensive as you think.


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Three Things You Can Do to Purchase a Vehicle with Less-Than-Perfect Credit

A vehicle is a big investment. You want a vehicle that is reliable, affordable, looks good and helps you feel good. But sometimes life can make your dreams more difficult to achieve. Low credit can affect your life in predictable and unpredictable ways. For example, your credit is used when purchasing a vehicle, a house, getting a job, or getting car insurance. Your credit level has a far-reaching impact on your life and your goals.


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Top Five New Years Resolutions for Your Vehicle

New year—new you. Right? Well, sure. But how about you start off the new year by making this year’s resolution about maintaining your vehicle? Your vehicle is one of the greatest investments you can make. It does more than get you from point A to B. Your automobile can be your home away from home. It can be an extension of your style. It can be the physical aspect of yourself that you show off to the world. Taking car care seriously is more than a good idea. It is your responsibility.


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Is Adding an Extended Warranty Worth It? Key Areas to Consider and Questions to Ask

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Many drivers consider adding extended warranties to their vehicle when purchasing new. These warranties can be added to cover potential repairs following the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty period or to provide a greater degree of confidence following your new purchase. There are several key areas to look towards when considering an extended warranty, and we are here to help cover the basics at Courtesy Volvo Cars of Chico.

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Start Shopping for Your Next Volvo on Our Website!

In this time of social distancing, it can be hard to imagine going out to look at and purchase a Volvo even though you may need a new vehicle. So to accommodate these unprecedented times, we've developed a way for you to begin the shopping process online right here on the Courtesy Volvo Cars of Chico website!

With our new online shopping service, you can view our entire selection of new and used Volvo vehicles as well as fill out credit applications and evaluate your trade-in for a revolutionary car or SUV shopping experience!


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5 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe & Sound Inside Your Volvo

The 2017 Volvo XC60 may have earned an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ and an NHTSA 5-Star Safety Rating, but will your children be safe inside this luxury compact SUV?

Children are much different than adults when it comes to in-car safety. For instance, while airbags can save the lives of adult passengers, the force of the front passenger airbag deploying can kill a child. That's one of the reasons the American Academy of Pediatrics and…
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Protecting Your Dog on a Car Ride

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?In a recent post, we talked about special safety precautions to take when traveling with children in the car. Dogs are another common passenger inside Volvo vehicles who need different accommodations to stay safe, and keep others safe.

Canine Safety Measures for Every Drive

Even if your dog will only be in the car for five minutes as you drive down the block to the doggy daycare, be sure to take these precautions:
  • Keep identification attached to the dog and a spare leash on hand. You never know when an emergency situation will separate you, or require you to move…
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