New year—new you. Right? Well, sure. But how about you start off the new year by making this year’s resolution about maintaining your vehicle? Your vehicle is one of the greatest investments you can make. It does more than get you from point A to B. Your automobile can be your home away from home. It can be an extension of your style. It can be the physical aspect of yourself that you show off to the world. Taking car care seriously is more than a good idea. It is your responsibility.

01. Regular Check-Ups

No different from visiting your doctor to stay ahead of any health issues, your vehicle needs the same type of care. Discovering an issue before it becomes too large will save you money, keep your vehicle on the road, and eliminate headaches.

02. Wash and Wax

A clean car is a happy car. Washing your vehicle more often with the occasional wax will help to eliminate grime accumulated through use. This simple preventative measure will reduce the chances of rust build-up, and help prevent long-term damage.

03. Change Your Oil

Commonly referred to as the lifeblood of a vehicle, oil plays an important role in keeping your vehicle functioning properly. Regularly scheduled oil changes are an important part of car maintenance. Old and dirty oil can leave deposit build-up in your engine, decreasing performance and ultimately leading to bigger problems.

04. Maintain Your Tires

Over time and with usage, your tires experience a lot of wear and tear. It is important to inspect your tires regularly. Check for any deformities, and ensure your tires retain the proper tire pressure.

05. Replace Your Wipers

A rain-soaked highway in the middle of the night is neither the time nor the place for your windshield wipers to fall apart. It is important to inspect your wipers regularly and replace them before they become a problem.

Courtesy Volvo Cars of Chico offers expert technicians who are happy to help resolve your vehicle issues. Regardless of the size of the job, we make it our mission to help you through it. There is no reason to wait. Take the first step to ensuring your vehicle is cared for by following through on these New Years Resolutions.