After making the commitment to purchase a new vehicle, the very next question that you're likely to be asked is if you'd like an extended warranty. Several factors should be considered part of your decision, and it's important to understand how warranties work and what they cover before you proceed. We here at Courtesy Volvo Cars of Chico offer the following guidance in an effort to help you make a more informed choice regarding extended warranty protection for your newly purchased Volvo.

What Does an Extended Warranty Cover?

Many consumers in Chico mistakenly believe that an extended warranty is an all-encompassing service and repair contract that provides protection from every possible automotive issue, but this simply isn't true. Warranties only cover certain specified repairs, and most don't include maintenance like oil changes, tire replacement, and regular tune-ups as part of the plan.

Is There an Overlap with Other Warranty Protection?

Whether you're buying a Volvo or another brand of car, truck or van, a new vehicle will almost always come with a manufacturer's warranty that covers a wide range of Volvo parts and service. Buying an extended warranty may provide unnecessary double coverage while adding significantly to the cost of the vehicle. However, if you're purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, an extended warranty can furnish extra protection and peace of mind in the absence of a manufacturer's warranty.

Am I Financially Able to Pay for Necessary Repairs?

An extended warranty is similar to an insurance plan in that it allows you to transfer some risk to the plan provider instead of having to cover it all yourself. If you're in a position where a major unforeseen repair would leave you seriously strapped for cash, an extended warranty could be right for you. If you know that you're financially secure and able to cover expenses as they come up, an extended protection plan might be unnecessary.

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