Purchasing or financing a new vehicle is a substantial investment for any individual. We understand that times are tough for many Chico area residents, and it might not feel like the proper time to make the leap and upgrade to a new vehicle. Fortunately, we're not alone in recognizing that our hardworking customers are in need of some financial assistance when it comes to their transportation needs.

Automakers have recently rolled out numerous incentives and discounts with low-interest loans and deals on popular vehicles. With loan terms extended well beyond their typical terms and little interest accumulating on car loans, you might be able to afford a vehicle that you're previously thought was unattainable. Whether you're interested in making an upgrade in terms of luxury with a Volvo XC90 or top-tier S90 or you're leaning more toward a budget-friendly model that's still stylish and capable like the V60 or S60 -- you'll find that there are plenty of incentives and deals to take advantage of with our new Volvo model inventory.

Shop From the Comfort of Home for Your New Volvo Model

It's easier than ever to pick out the ideal Volvo model that suits your needs and distinct price point! Our streamlined online shopping and financing experience allow you to explore the latest Volvo models to roll off the manufacturing plant floor with just a few easy clicks of your mouse. No matter what step of the car-shopping process you're currently in, you have the ability to get pre-approved for financing, set up a test drive, or even schedule service for your current model all without leaving your home office.

Take advantage of these competitive and generous Volvo deals and discounts as you likely won't see them again for some time! Contact one of our helpful sales or financing professionals to run through the brass tacks of our available Volvo incentives prior to joining us in person for a test drive.

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