Having trouble figuring out which payment route you should take in order to secure your ideal new Volvo model? We recognize that shoppers throughout the Chico area don't require too much assistance when it comes to discovering a vehicle that's suitable for their distinct style and taste in the field of technology and luxury, we've found that many of our patrons aren't as confident in the arena of financing and paperwork. That's where our Volvo financing and leasing professionals step in. Our financing team always has your best interest in mind and are on-hand to ensure that you drive off our dealership's lot with the confidence and peace of mind you deserve with a low-interest car loan or competitive leasing rate you can afford.

While you're ultimately seeking to secure your dream model at a price point you can budget for, you first have to decide whether you'd like to finance your chosen new Volvo sedan, wagon, or SUV outright, or whether you'd like to lease it for a set term.

Three Key Differences Between Financing and Leasing New Volvo Models

  1. Leasing a Vehicle Means Lower Monthly Payments: If you're solely looking to enjoy your chosen luxury vehicle for a set term of a few years, leasing the model might be the right choice. You can expect to look forward to lower month-to-month payments however you won't have any equity in the vehicle at the end of your lease term. You do however have the option to lease a new vehicle or finance the model at a reduced rate.
  2. Leasing a Vehicle Grants Warranty Coverage and Peace of Mind: If peace of mind is a primary concern, leased Volvo models are covered under the manufacturer's original warranty. That's a considerable perk for any frequent traveler in the Chico area!
  3. A Financed Volvo Model Has No Mileage Cap: Many leased vehicles have mileage caps that drivers are supposed to say under. Fees are often applied for every mile driven over this limit. In that regard, if you're a commuter or adventurer that often strays outside the state of California or your hometown, you might want to consider purchasing the vehicle to avoid extra expenditures.

Contact our financing team over the phone to run through further benefits and drawbacks of each payment option in greater detail with one of our tenured professionals today.

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