Buying a vehicle is not something most people do very often, so in general, most people do not become experts in car purchasing. This means that myths about buying cars propagate more easily. Unfortunately, those myths can cost you money or result in not getting the vehicle that you want, so it is important to be able to identify them.

Myth #1: Don't Buy A Red Car

Has anyone ever told you that red cars are a liability, costing you more in insurance and more likely to garner tickets from law enforcement? In fact, insurance companies do not ask for car color, and there is no evidence to support the latter myth. This means that if you fall in love with a red car in Chico, you should go for it.

Myth #2: Timing Is Everything

Another myth is about the timing of your purchase and says that you are better off buying a car on rainy days or holidays because the dealership will be less busy. People also say you should buy a car at the end of the month because dealers will drop prices to meet their sales quotas. In fact, so many people believe the first myth that dealerships are often more crowded at this time. As for the other one, busy, successful dealerships make brisk sales all month long.

Myth #3: Don't Finance Through The Dealership

Some drivers in Chico insist they can get better deals through outside lenders. In fact, many dealers work with a number of different lenders and can often get you a much better interest rate themselves.

Get A Great Deal At Courtesy Volvo Cars of Chico

Here at Courtesy Volvo Cars of Chico, we value our customers and want you to have the facts when you go car shopping. These are only a few of the common myths. By educating yourself on the car buying process, you can make more informed choices and end up with the new or used vehicle you are happy with.

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