Understand Brake Fluid and When it Needs to be Replaced

As one of the most important lubricants in any vehicle, the brake fluid is essential for the proper function of the braking system. This critical hydraulic fluid works to stop the vehicle as it surges to the brakes every time pressure is applied to the brake pedal. Eventually, this fluid will become contaminated and brake performance will begin to lessen.

Signs of brake fluid breakdown include slowly responding pedals, the continuous illumination of the brake fluid warning sign, and a "spongy" feel to the pedal when pressure is applied. When brake fluid is serviced, the old fluid will be flushed out and replaced with new fluid, per the car manufacturer's recommendations.

Luckily, servicing brake fluid is an easy and fast process. We invite you to stop by our Volvo service destination in Chico, CA today and let our expertly trained associates inspect your brakes to ensure that the brake fluid is functioning at optimum levels.

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