Modern car washes have made it relatively easy to maintain the appearance of our vehicles. Whether we choose an automatic or manual car wash, we have the luxury of choosing several wash options and letting the equipment do its work. However, your tires and wheels need additional care that requires good old-fashioned scrubbing. Road dirt and grime accumulates and sticks to the various surfaces of tires and wheels, and a sprayer alone won’t remove it.

Before washing the exterior panels of your car, spray water on all tire and wheel surfaces to wash away loose dirt. After applying wheel-safe cleaner, scrub these surfaces with a tire brush and follow that with a final rinse. You’ll notice how like-new your tires and wheels look, and they will perform better once you get back on the road.

Taking good care of your tires will help ensure they have a long life. When you do need additional maintenance, repair, or replacement, the tire maintenance professionals at Courtesy Volvo Cars of Chico offer great service and a tire inventory that will keep you rolling for years to come. Call today for the next appointment!

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