What Can Fluid Service do for Your Car?

Do you know how many different types of fluid there are in your vehicle? Do you know how to change any of those fluids? Do you ever work on your car on your own? Are you really saving money by working on your car instead of the dealer working on the car?

If you do not know about the different types of fluid in your car, you will be surprised to learn that your vehicle has four main types of fluid. You will need to check these fluids to make sure they are at the right levels to avoid your vehicle from being damaged.

If you do not know the different types of fluid, stopping in to the dealer to have them check the fluid service levels in your vehicle can help to ensure your levels are at the proper amounts. The fluid service schedule will alert you when you should take your car to the dealer to have the fluids changed. It is important that you do this as soon as the car tells you that it is due for service.

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