At Courtesy Volvo Cars of Chico, we've noticed that the Volvo V90 is a popular luxury wagon. On top of having elegant design features, it has many convenient features too, like the hands-free power tailgate and keyless entry. The Volvo V90 has a few features that improve your safety as well: voice control and 360 degree surround view camera.

With voice control, you can keep your gaze focused on the road while adjusting the cabin temperature, your music playlist, and other vehicle controls. You can also answer important phone calls without taking your eyes off of the road. The Volvo V90's 360 degree surround view camera gives you complete view of the area surrounding your vehicle for greater safety and assurance.

Equipped with features like voice control and 360 surround view camera, the Volvo V90 is a safe luxury wagon to drive. You can feel more confident while parking or pulling out of tight spaces.



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